Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Other Resources for Mi'kmaq Ecological Knowledge

Unama’KIDS looks a natural resources and the environment from the point-of-view of youth in Unama’ki. One of our goals at UINR is to reach the youth in our communities and work with them to determine what information they need, and to develop innovative ways to get that information to them that will have the most impact. Unama’KIDS involves students in the Mi’kmaq schools and other schools that have Mi’kmaq students. The Unama’KIDS have participated in the release of the endangered American Marten, a moose feast in the Highlands, a puppet show on the endangered Piping Plover, nature walks, workshops in biology, traditional knowledge and art projects. UnamaKIDS also uses computer communications technology like video conferencing, Facebook and the world wide web to share and learn.


  1. This is a great connection to teach cultural awareness. Great blog!

  2. Yes...great blog! Really liked the addition of the First Nation's perspective, this often gets overlooked! Great way for the students to see themselves in the curriculum. I am teaching Science 7 next year...already have your blog in my lists of favorites! Thanks for sharing!