Sunday, 3 June 2012

Did You Know Bubbles Assignment

Create a Did You Know Bubbles poster for Food Web or Water Cycle
Video on Did You Know Bubbles

Instructions to Support Students in creating Poster
1. Teach students how to skim and scan
2. Group students by topic and allow them to read books on topic – stop every 20 minutes or so and have students record an interesting piece of info read about topic. Do not copy from book – use memory, but students can look at book and confirm info after recording.
3. Teach how to search the net. Use Bring to computer lab and have students look for sites – 20 minutes
4. Teach how to verify validity of websites –give student s time to search net – use observation rubric from TIA to assess.
5. Show ebsco – have students continue to stop and record interesting ideas.
6. As a group or individually, create the Did You Know poster by decorating with a visual that represents topic researched and a number of bubbles which record interesting and significant information about the topic. Use rubric.

Click here for link for rubric to assess Did You Know Posters

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